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Ik attend a workshop with Frank van der Salm with much pleasure. He delivers valuable feedback on my work and encourages me to put more people in my landscapes (!). Also he shows how he works. On his site you will see his global, abstracted view on the urban landscape.



willemvandenhoedI met Willem van den Hoed when he did a presentation for the BMK-group and i was immediately fascinated by his work. Hij constructs views on the urban landscape from a hotel room. He builds his images out of many digital shots and he designs the view as he wants to see it.

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Zupagrafica are the Poland-based photographers and designers David Navarro and Martyna Sobecka, who pay tribute to the brutalistic architecture in (mostly) former communist Europe. They publish not only terrific photographs but also cardboard models. The photo's on their site of the buildings with an inhabitant holding a cardboard model are great! And i photographed the same building here.

frankherfortimperialpomparchitecturerussia39 768x573

I discovered Frank Herfort through Luut. He is a Moscow-based German photographer who has a good feel for the absurd. Be sure to see his "Rissian Fairy Tales" an "Imperial Pomp" series!

Luut MIMGP1592ol Lous is my photographic companion. We undertake a joint expedition regularly and together we discoverder the secrets of the field camera. This is his website. 

urban landscapesTheUrban Landscapes website of Peter Marshall and Mike Seaborne shows a nice collection of series from different urban landscape photographers. There is also a series of me on display. Peter Marshall also wrote a nice blog on it on his RE:Photo blog 

B1 Emptiness Neuer Heimat Paul SchotI am a proud member of the Bondsmeesterklasse ('master class') group of the dutch photographer association (Fotobond). Here I meet photographers who practice very diverse styles and the exchange is always inspiring.

De Haajacmoster092015 grootgse has been my photographers club for years. We follow each others photographic work developing and that is very inspiring.

burtynskyEdward Burtynsky photographs our ecological footprint aesthetic, big images. The film 'manufactured landscapes' and a big exhibition of his work in Helmond made a big impression on me.

crewdsonGregory Crewdson approaches the urban landscape with an extensive lighting crew. He makes athmospheric filmstills that refer to an mysterious story. His huge prints are spectacular, I saw them in the fotomuseum in The Hague.

elementsHans Wildschut makes carefully composed images of the urban landscape. His night photo's are great.A presentation by him of his work Leidschendam is still very clear i may mind. His site is a pleasure to visit, with so much beautiful work on it, i keep wandering around in.

FASTENAEKEN2Gilbert Fastenaekens has been a great source of inspiration for my night photography, especially by the book Urban Landscapes in which he and three other photographers pictured Rotterdam.

hans op de beeckHans Op De Beeck is an artist working with models and movies. Ik am intigued by the he bouwt en createst. A beautiful site that rewards the time you take for it. His exhibition at the Gem in The Hague with highlight 'Location(5)' stays in my memory.

HinterhofOliver Boberg photgraphs models of sites built by himself. According to me he settled the discourse between photographers on the desirability of a white sky. Hij also makes  moving images of his sites.

I saw the photo's of Jean Chrisjean christophe ballottophe Ballot in Paris. I still view his book Urban Landscapes with pleasure. His website offers a comprehensive overview of his work.

massimo vitaliMassimo Vitali makes impressive images of beaches and other places where a lot of people get together, often using a scaffolding in sea, so the landscape behind the beach plays an important role in the picture. 

polatAhmet Polat made a big impression on us when he was visiting us at 'De Haagse' photographers association. In the following years he made a succesful career. Beatiful street scenes of The Hague an Istanbul but also fashion photography for the Turkish Vogue magazine. 

UPL001535654 largeHans Aarsman is a great example for me in searching for an image without a very obvious story, seemingly coincidental scenes. 

hvdMeerI follow Hans van der Meer for quite a while and his work is a source of pleasure and inspiration. His 'The Netherlands - off the shelf' is one of his best series untill now. I admire how he makes such good images of scenes that are so familiar to me that i just walk past them. 

riostradanovabookLuca Campigotto makes terrific night photos, for instance of Venice.