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Herman Schartman makes photographs of urban landscapes. In an urban landscape you read the history of economic, social and political movements, of plans that were drawn and the extent they succeeded, but also of the activities that inhabitants and passers-by left, a long or very short time ago. If you look closer you ask yourself still more questions about the stories that left these traces. It is not possible to photograph an urban landscape twice: everytime you come back something has changed.

He works with an analogue field camera and recently also with a digital camera with a shift lens. A lot of detail and rectangular compositions are typical for his photographs.

Herman is a member of the Bondsmeesterklasse ('master class') of the Dutch Fototgraphers Aassociation (Fotobond) and of De Haagse samenwerkende fotografen (The Hague photographers association). His work was publicised on the Urban Landscapes website and on the Twitter and Tumblr account of Landscape Stories. He was a member of the jury in two national photo competitions.

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